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My Heart

By Michael Perry

Do you treasure

the games you play with my heart

Where pleasure

is found in disturbing my thoughts

And pain

is felt as each tear drowns my soul

To blame

myself for making my heart this black hole??


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When I got out of Boys Town, my parents met me at the airport, told me they were sending me to a "summer camp" in Mexico.

Showed me a pamphlet with kids sailing, on jet skis, etc. so I said "cool" and went.

As soon as I showed up in San Diego, I was handcuffed, with a leg brace, and led to Casa by the Sea in Ensenada - my new "home."

It's hard to imagine that there are worse places in this world than Casa by the Sea.

I now live on DEATH ROW in Texas and honest to God the conditions are WAY better here than they were at Casa.

IF I was a violent person I would not have stayed at Casa by the Sea as long as I did.

We could not speak English, beans, rice & water every meal except Sundays when they would serve spoiled fish.

NO contact or interaction with the girls.

We were not even allowed to look at a female.

When a female would walk through the boys camp, staff would yell "SUALO!" - which means "ground" and all the boys had to jump on the ground and cover their faces.

And every time it rained, they woke us up at 2 in the morning, took us outside, and yelled "SUALO!"

We had to stay on the ground for 30 minutes!

All the workers except for Dace Goulding and Jade Robinson were Mexican and barely spoke English.

Our "teachers" were less educated than us!

Now comes the "fun" part.

"Seminars" where they attempted to brainwash us.

It's the only time boy/girl interactions were allowed.

Just to name a couple examples of what we had to do -

In seminar 1, "Discovery," they'd spread us around a large room, put us in the "Muslim prayer" position, turn off all the lights, and place towels in front of us.

Then the seminar leader would play some "free the world" elevator music...and say things like "Imagine yourself in a beautiful place" etc., etc.

Then, when you are almost in a trance, the seminar leader SLAMS! the mic against a table, turns on heavy metal full blast and says "Now pick up the towel in front of you & beat the shit out of that father that molested you or left you! That mother that was never there!" etc., etc.

She'd scream at us to beat up our fears, beat them with our hands & fists if we had to!

And I'm sitting there in a room full of 40 or 50 kids beating & crying & screaming "I hate you, Mom!" "I hate you, Dad!"

I was so scared I tried to run out of the room.

They TACKLED me & hog-tied me in the corner for the rest of the day.

The other incident has haunted me to this day, and always will...

I had learned over the years I've spent in "programs" that it's best to use the "smile & nod" tactic.

So I made "upper levels" fast.

I have always been pretty popular wherever I went, so I made it kind of easy.

The "upper levels" kind of run the programs. They help with the seminars also.

Anyway, I was helping staff a seminar of kids around 13, 14, 15 years old.

One of the processes they do is called "numbers" where they give you a "number" like "spoiled brat" or "tough guy."

Something to "title" your image.

Well, this 14 year old girl was given the title "Daddy's Slut" because her father had raped & molested her, but she would not tell anyone.

Me and another "upper" were "assigned" to this girl.

Our jobs were to make her "run her number" then teach her to recognize it, and snap out of it.

Well, she did not want to "run her number" and me and the other "upper level" did not know exactly what to do.

The seminar leader came over & talked to us.

He told the other "upper" to pull out his penis and wave it at her.

And he wanted me to say some really horrible things to the girl, like "You're a slut. Nothing but a slut!" "You know you want it!" etc., etc.

I refused to do it again, but the seminar leader made me stand there and watch as he and the other "upper level" went through it.

All this time the girl was crying & shaking and...she was looking at me for help and I couldn't do shit.

I couldn't do nothing but close my eyes!

Damn it. I couldn't do nothing as they abused this girl.

I can't imagine what her dreams are like now.

I was on level 5 at the time, fixing to make level 6 and graduate.

They dropped me to level 1 for that and I could not continue to "play" anymore.

Casa by the Sea could not by law keep me after I turned 18. I had like 3 months, so I refused to do any work.

They tried to "force me." Put me in "R&R" etc.,

But I didn't care.

I could not continue there.

When I turned 18, Casa by the Sea convinced my parents to give me my "exit plan."

I got $50, a bus ticket to the border, and a week stay at the YMCA.

Michael Perry #999444

On Just Day One

By Michael Perry

Within these program walls, I have seen much pain,
And after all that I've been through, I'll never be the same
You would never even believe, the things we're forced to do
Even the private things are done in public view.
Is this normal?
Do my parents know what I do throughout the day?
But every time I ask, "Trust me, it's all gonna be okay...

"Sentsase y silencio!" What did he just say?
"Estan estupido, o' que?!" Umm...uhh...que?
"Sentase y silencio!" uh...what does that mean?!
As he throws me to the ground, "Ouch my face is turning green!"
This can't be the same place I saw in the brochure
There has to be a mistake, of this I'm definitely sure.

When day turns to night and it's time to go inside
I'm shaking in my bed, as I finally begin to cry...
It seems I'm not alone as a boy crying without shame
Turns to me and says, "Hello, what's your name?"
The look within his eyes tells me all I need to know
As I see the sadness and defeat, his sorrows and his woes.

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Additional Information

Casa by the Sea was a member of the World Wide Association of Specialty Programs and Schools (WWASPS).

WWASPS is a network of unlicensed, private detention centers that claim to be able to rehabilitate problem teens.

Instead of employing professional therapists and teachers, former students say the programs rely on abusive tactics such as solitary confinement, food restrictions, isolation from family and friends, forced exercise, verbal confrontation, and physical restraint.

In September 2004, Mexican authorities raided the program and found evidence of child abuse.

They closed the facility and sent all the children back to the United States.

California Congressman George Miller has requested a federal investigation into the WWASPS network.

Casa by the Sea


Did you know...

As of January 1, 2008, 3,263 people were awaiting execution in the United States.

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