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Hopeless Ending

By Michael Perry

Predators have me marked as prey

and prey they do before feasting upon me.

Consuming my fears

while digesting my will

Eliminating any signs of hope my mind can muster

leaving me the empty shell

Pessimism can't even call home

because everything about me is their choosing

No matter how much I decry it as my own


Life before Prison

I'm Michael Perry and I'm currently on death row in Texas, awaiting execution.

I'm 28 years old.

Not long ago, I began exchanging letters with a total stranger.

In one letter, I mentioned that I had been trying to get someone to build a web site for me.

Almost immediately, a friend of theirs wrote to me and offered to create this site.

There are no words to express my thanks strongly enough.

I am very grateful to these complete strangers for being willing to help someone they don't even know - especially someone who has been convicted of murder.

I personally provided all of the original material on this site by mailing it from prison.

Thanks again for stopping by.


Michael Perry #999444

When I was 2 days old, I was adopted.

At age 7 I was put on Ritalin & Prozac.

Age 11 I was put into a mental hospital for running away.

And again when I was 12.

Age 13 I was put in an out-patient hospital and treated as a "lab rat."

They tested one drug after another on me.

At 13 1/2 I was sent to Outward Bound in Florida for a 2 week canoe trip through the Everglades.

I'm a city boy at heart. All those alligators had me going nuts but then we got attacked by MONKEYS!

No joke. I have pictures.

I decided that was enough so my parents took me home.

As a result, my father put me in jail to scare me, I guess.

When I got out, I was sent to Boy Town in Nebraska. I was there for about 2 years. Went to their "speciality programs" and all.

When I got out of Boys Town, my parents met me at the airport, told me they were sending me to a "summer camp" in Mexico.

Showed me a pamphlet with kids sailing, on jet skis, etc. so I said "cool" and went.

As soon as I showed up in San Diego, I was handcuffed, with a leg brace, and led to Casa by the Sea in Ensenada - my new "home."

At 18, I left Casa by the Sea.

They gave me $50, a bus ticket to the border, and a week stay at the YMCA.

Problem is, you can't get into a hotel or YMCA without I.D.

So I was on the streets.

You can't apply for an I.D. without a social security card & birth certificate, and I had neither.

Could not get a "legal job" no matter how hard I tried.

I was assaulted and robbed so I went to selling drugs, as well as abusing them.

Life, as you can see, has been one Hell of a roller coaster ride...



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According to polls, 64% of Americans support the death penalty.

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