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Self Enlightenment

By Michael Perry

Sometimes I try too hard

Thinking that competing with self will reward

That only the depths of my sould can acknowledge

This is why my determined decision

Seems to appear more and more like a mission

Allowing my growth and development to be something scholastic

While the balance of my life is man made and drastic

There is no one but myself to blame

Because throughout all the pleasure I've searched for the pain

That can bring me closer to only knowing myself

While others don't wish to know about me

Just the means for my death...

Saturday, June 12th, 11:31am

I want to address several things with this update. First, I want to talk about something that saddens my heart. My father recently passed away. He fought a good fight, and surprised even the doctors, with his will to live. He did not surprise me. Nothing my father could have done/accomplished would have surprised me. He was a great man, one of a kind. Everyone that knew him, was blessed to have had the opportunity to know such a man. He will be missed by more people than I can count. The world weeps... I weep... But you know what?? My father, he REJOICES!! For sure, he is in heaven this very right moment, smiling down at all of us. You know, while I was sitting on my bunk, crying and being sad, I had a sudden vision, and those of you that know my father best, will understand... I had a vision of my father, playing soccer!!! He was on a field, juggling the ball on his knees, with the biggest smile on his face, and telling me, “See, this isn’t so tough” and laughing! My father always regretted the fact that soccer was not really a sport in America, when he grew up. He loved soccer. Well, I could not help but burst out laughing at this vision, and smiling... it warmed my heart, to know, that my father is happy, he is pain free, and I could not ask for a better guardian angel. My father can sail on the heavenly waters, and listen to Jimmy Buffet all he wants, while he watches us from above... He is home. He is happy. He rejoices.

So, when I realized this, I thought to myself, what sense does it make, to be sad, and depressed, while he rejoices? Of course, we have pain, we are sad, because there is a hole in our lives, that cannot be replaced. BUT, how we react to this, how we grow from this, and use my fathers life as an example, of how to live life. We do not have to let this overcome us. We cannot allow this to happen, he would not want it. So I rejoice at my fathers freedom, and I celebrate the man that he was. The father that he was to me. A father that I did not deserve, but God saw fit to bless me with him. I took it for granted many time, and will regret that always.

I do NOT want people to write me, and give me their condolences, or even speak about my father...That keeps the pain fresh. I will deal with the loss of my father, with my mother and my family. Right now, we must focus on trying to make sure that my mother does not lose a son, the same month she lost her husband... I respectfully request, that we allow my father to rest in peace...

Updates... Well, there are LOTS of them, the sad thing is, I can’t talk about most of them :-) YET, but will as soon as we file my appeal... First things first. I had a media visit with the House Chronicle and the Associated Press. Both went well. So look out for those articles to be printed in the papers soon. I would love it if someone would send me a copy (FYI, Michael has a copy of the Houston Chronicle article). I have several more media visits in the near future, so I will keep you posted.

Recently, a member of one of the victims family in this situation, contacted me. I will keep the name, and relation, private, out of respect for privacy to them. They do not deserve to relive this situation anymore than I deserve to be in this situation. BUT, this individual told me that they had forgiven me a long time ago... It was obvious that they still feel that I am guilty because they want it to be all over with. I understand this, and my heart goes out to all of them. I wish that I could take their pain away. They think that I don’t know what it’s like to lose a loved one, but they know NOTHING about my life, absolutely nothing. My life has been pain and sadness for 15 years. Since the age of 13... I understand pain... loss... heartache like it’s a part of me. If I could take their pain away, I would. I can’t.

I want to address something that a man said on my petition. HIS name is Tom Mit... I don’t know who he is, BUT, I respect his right to his own opinion. It is easy for people to speak their own opinion, in the dark...without having to have their opinion dissected. Without having to be faced with evidence that they are wrong, Anyone, can have an opinion. Not everyone can be fair or correct... So allow me to address this man's comment, because I know that it's the feelings for a lot of people.

Mr Mit said that “look forward to watching you die, liar and murderer.” I would respectfully, ask Mr Mit, what did I lie about?? Shane Atkinson testified at my trial, that I was with him, the night of the 24th from around 6:50 until 7:30... This gives me an alibi for that night. Shane Atkinson is NOT my witness, nor my friend, or associate. He is/was the STATE of Texas witness, it is THEIR evidence, not my evidence, therefore, the STATE of Texas says that... if you do not believe that to be true, then you think the STATE lied, but do not say that I lied, when it was not me that put up that evidence. If you do not believe this to be true, my transcripts are public information, feel free to request a copy, OR, request that the person that is running my sites, send you a copy to your email address, but do not speak out in ignorance, or in pain. I know that you’re hurt. I am assuming that you are a friend of the victims, or a family member? So I understand that you are hurt. But do not allow that pain, to cloud common sense... What else do you think that I lied about?? That the crime happened while i was in jail? Over 40 plus police reports, filed by several different police, detectives, and CSI officers, said that the crime happened on a day that I was in jail, the 26th/27th... ALL of the reports filed, that list what day the crime happened, say this... So if you think that this is not true, then you think that the police in your county, or Montgomery county, lied, not me... This is the state evidence, I did not write those reports, nor did I put them on as evidence in my trial (I would not be here if we did.). So please, again, do not be upset with me, and don’t call me a liar.

The medical examiner that did the autopsy on these victims, stated, on stand, in my trial, and Jason Burkett trial, that the crime happened while I was in jail... He says 36 hours from the time of his autopsy, and that places the death while I am in jail... So if you think that this is wrong, then you think, once again, that the medical examiner lied, not me. The state of Texas lied, not me. Again, I did not write that report. Nor did that expert work for me, but for Texas... I did not lie.

The police officers that found the victims, all said the victims were in rigor mortis... Rigor mortis can be looked up online, google it. You will learn that it disappears after the victim has been dead for 36-48 hours. So if a body was found on the 30th, when would the death have occurred?? Do the math yourself. Again, this is not my evidence, folks. I did not find the bodies, I did not write the reports or make this science. This is science that is accepted around the world, for YEARS. It has nothing to do with me. Please do not say that I LIED about when the victims died, when it was not me who said this...

So I ask you, Mr Mit, and everyone else that believes that I am guilty, what have I lied about?? Tell me, and I will correct it, or prove to you that it was not ME, who has said these things. You have accused me of lying, so I would like to know what it is that I have lied about??

Another question for all of those that don’t wish to believe that I am innocent. My question to all of you is, WHAT would prove to you that I am innocent? If the answer is that nothing would prove to you that I am innocent, then you speak from an ignorant point of view, and I cannot do anything, but pray for you and hope that one day, the hate that’s in your heart, disappears...Because you don’t wish to see me innocent, for whatever reason. And I can’t help you... if you actually think that I am guilty, because you were convinced of it, but have an open heart, and a willingness to see the truth... to find the truth, then please, tell me what it is that makes you think that I am guilty. And what it is that could prove to you, that I am innocent??? Because trust that while I can’t talk about some things right now, we have disproven EVERY aspect of this case. We have proven that not only did I not commit this crime, that I COULD not have committed this crime... I have been convicted of the murder of Mrs Sandra Stotler... I did NOT murder Mrs Stotler!

What a lot of people don’t know is that the police allowed one of their own daughters, who was an accomplice to this case, to take home the biggest piece of evidence, CLEAN IT OUT, and then bring it back... They actually allowed for this to happen... how many murder defendants, or accomplices, do you think they would let do that??? None... but of course, her dad was a police officer so... they protect their own. This same person had blood spatter on her shirt, where do you suppose that came from?? Again, before you say that I am lying about this, know that this is also the states evidence, not mine. I got all of this directly from police reports, public records, if you actually care to find the truth, instead of just throw cruel and disrespectful comments at me, from the safety of your ignorance without having to face the TRUTH. That an innocent man has had called home, steal and bars, for almost 10 years now... because people were blinded by gate.

A lot of my supporters want me to be upset and mad about these disrespectful comments that people put up. One guy put a picture of a noose tied around his neck, and said something about he can’t wait til I die, or something. But I am not upset, nor angry. I feel... understanding... I understand that people who lose loved ones, HURT. They want to know why!!! They want whoever did it to SUFFER like they, and their loved ones, suffered. I understand, trust me, I do. So vent, scream at me, yell at me, cuss me, do whatever you need to feel...better, if this is what makes you feel better. I will hold you up in prayer, and hope that you can find peace in your hearts one day. I only ask that you do not allow yourself to become blinded. Common sense will tell you what you need to know... You don’t have to listen to me, I am not asking nor do I expect you, to listen to me. Listen to the POLICE, to the state experts, to the D.A witness’s, listen to the evidence. Not to me. If you do this, if you REALLY do this, then I am confident that you will have your eyes opened wide... God is good. Pray to him, and ask him for help.

I would ask my loved ones, and my supporters, to not fight with these people. They have the right to their feelings. Especially the friends and family of the victims. Please be understanding, allow them to...vent, but do not, no matter what, disrespect these people. NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY! Stay calm, stay patient, be understanding.

I pray that everyone will keep my mother in their prayers, for she is going through a lot. She is a very strong and amazing woman, but she can still use everyone’s prayers. I will know more after I have a phone call with my lawyer, or one of them, on Monday... Ken should keep everyone updated. If not, be aggressive and ask him to get off his butt, and tell you what’s going on!! :-)
He gets lazy, he is old after all! :-)

I love all of you, ALL of you, even those that wish me dead, I love you as well. God BLESS!!!

Head high, eyes towards the sky.


May 24, 2010 7:14am

Dear Friends, family, loyal supporters!!!!

Hear my cry… One of the things that is common to hear from my supporters, is what can I do to help you?? We now have a purpose... we have a direction that we, as a whole, as a family, can move towards. After meeting with my lawyer Friday, and reading the draft of an appeal we plan on filing, we have come to realize that the time for sitting idle has passed... The time for letting our voices be silenced... letting them go unheard... has passed. The time for letting D.A’s, police, and the courts disrespect what the system stands for by refusing to HEAR US, has passed. The time to act, has come.

Hear my cry... and come together, like the point of a sphere, to wedge through the political propaganda, that my conviction is surrounded in... To bring about a change that for so long, has been needed. To take the blinders off of a society that for too long has been the perfect example of “ignorance is bliss...” Ignorance is NOT bliss, it is disaster, and in my case, it is murder...

Hear my cry and put ACTIONS behind your feelings of outrage, of disbelief, for a conviction that we all know is not only wrong, but ridiculous. To uphold my conviction is to say that they believe society is naive, ignorant, and that society does not care enough, to bring about a change. Are they right?? Is is true that you are naive?? That you are ignorant?? That you don’t care and because of this, will allow the state of Texas, AMERICA, the WORLD, to murder innocent people?? At the cost of tax payers?? In the name of justice? In YOUR name?? I don’t think so... The election of the first black president shows that the world is ready for a change... This change comes about with YOU, through you, each and every one of you... So many people take the attitude that they can do nothing, they are not powerful... they are not rich... what can they do to bring about a change... AMERICA just elected a BLACK president, this should be all the evidence we need, of how each one of us, can make a difference. Don’t let them take your power away. Your voice away.

Hear my cry....

Hello everyone.. it’s update time, but this time... I have no witty words or remarks to make you laugh, or smile... No words of comfort. This time, I need for each and everyone of you to understand how serious the situation is... to not take light a situation that may cost an innocent person's life, and continue the process that's gone on for too long here in Texas, in America... I spoke with one of my lawyers on Friday, and the visit went very well... I received a copy of a draft of something that is still being built, that we will file soon. I am not allowed to speak about it, but it’s VERY good. Better than I had hoped, to be honest, and this was just a VERY rough draft of what we plan. I am very impressed... It’s not enough...

Does anyone dispute, that the state of Texas has murdered innocent people before?? Then this should let you know that regardless of how powerful the proof, they have no problem looking the other way. In order to bypass this, we must, as a whole, not only think outside the box, but ACT outside the room that the box is held in... My lawyers agree...

The District Attorney in each county, has the authority to request that the death warrant be rescended, or taken away, while they review the case and make sure the right person is in prison, and about to be executed. They can file a motion, along with my lawyers, to the trial judge, requesting this. And the trial judge has the authority to stop my execution... This is not normally how it is done, but it can be done, and has, before, but very rarely...

The question becomes one of humanity... Do we believe that the NEW district attorney in Montgomery county, and the NEW judge in my court, unlike so many before them, are just and fair minded??? Do they have open hearts and minds, or are they already set on murder, regardless of the proof??? The D.A in every county, is an ELECTED official, they must be voted into office... Which means that people must have believed this was a good man... A man that is a fair and just... For surely, no one would not vote a man or woman into office they thought was not just??? Saying that, I say that I personnally have no problem with the new District attorney, or the new judge. They did not place me here, and had no hand in the process that has gotten me to this point. We cannot allow our emotions to cloud our vision of this man, JUST because he is a D.A, does not mean he is a bad person, or an unjust one. True, he is a politician and most are liars and corrupt, but we cannot allow ourselves to think this way. We must give these people a chance, a chance to do what’s right... Saying this, I say we need to petition them, to stop my execution... Honestly, if they just READ what my lawyers have written up, look at the evidence they have, and hear my lawyers out, I have faith that they will at LEAST stop my execution, and look into the facts... Every single one of you, believe in me, have read my case summary, written me, talk to others, etc and came to the conclustion that I am innocent... Why is it too hard to believe that the D.A won’t do the same thing?? I believe he will, if convinced it’s the right thing to do...

The alternative, is to leave my fate in the hands of the CCA (the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals), which is led by Sharon “Killer” Kellar... Anyone that pays attention to the news, knows about her situations. This is the lady that was just sued for hiding her finances, and very likely will be thrown off the courts for allowing her court room to close before a prisoner's lawyers could file an appeal. This is a lady that NEVER votes in favor of death row, do we dare to leave my fate in her hands????

I think not...

What I am asking, is that each and everyone of you work with Ken, my brother, and a new member to the team, to our family, Stéphanie from Switzerland, who has been working on media contacts and fund raising for me for two months now and doing a great job of it... WE need to come together, and make a coordinated effort, to convince the D.A in my county, and or the judge, to at the VERY LEAST, have a meeting with my lawyers, to discuss my case... To review the facts found in our new brief... To listen to us and stop my execution, before it’s too late... They can always set me another date, if they find that what we say is false, later on... Ken will be putting the contact info for those we need to contact, attached to this update, and Ken and Stéphanie will explain what needs to be done, and how it needs to be done. We must work together...

In short, it’s time to DEMAND that something be done... If someone held a gun to your son's, your daughter's, your husband's or your wife's head and it was up to you to convince this person to save them, would you talk sweetly, or demand that they not murder your loved one?? We have tried letting the system take care of the problem, and the system has failed us... it’s time to take matters in our own hands, and DEMAND that they not murder someone that is so obviously innocent... Before anyone contact these officials, they must familiarize themselves with the facts of my case, I suggest by reading my case summary, AND what Ken will be preparing for everyone...

I wish that more of my supporters were from Texas, because I would like to set up a rally or a community meeting to speak to the community leaders. This murder cannot be allowed to happen, and you, the “people” DO, regardless of what you have been led to believe, you DO have the power to stop this from happening. You just need to not be outraged, but OUTSPOKEN about the situation. Emails are not enough, when possible, you need to speak to these people on the phone, explain your position, and then demand to know what's going to be done about it... Demand to know how its possible that someone is about to be executed for a crime that is impossible to have occurred?? A crime that someone else is doing time for??? We will call the mayor, the representatives from the city/county, the D.A, the judges, etc, etc... until we are heard! When possible, I suggest going to their office personally, to speak to them... But do not let them deter you, never that. If you need to contact the ABA (American Bar Association) and file a complaint, then do that also. But the following MUST be understood:

In order for my execution to go forward, the State of Texas is saying the following:
- that it’s possible for me to be in more than one place at the same time
- that two people can fire the exact same bullet and do time for the same crime...
- that scientific communities around the world are WRONG and that their own medical expert is/was wrong when they alibied me.
- That over 40 documents that alibi me, written by police, are wrong...
- That I am capable of committing and participating in three murders, leaving NO evidence behind, no witnesses behind, and doing it in NO TIME... Because the state claims that I was in another city, at the time of the crime, so they give me ZERO time to actually carry out the murders???

I understand, that all that sounds ridiculous and hard to understand, but it's EXACTLY what the state is saying, if they execute me. THEY, the police, the District Attorney, the CCA, the Federal courts, etc have all said that it’s possible for me to be in jail, and kill someone at the same time in another city... They have also said that the SAME crime happened at a DIFFERENT time, when I was in a DIFFERENT CITY?? They have claimed all of this, and never once explained how any of it is possible... They just ignore the evidence, and say, “but he confessed!!!” slapping people in the nose with it, so they will be distracted enough to not pay attention to the facts... We will NOT be distracted, and we cannot allow others to be distracted, we MUST come together, and FORCE, DEMAND, that they explain how this is possible, and do something about this ridiculous situation.

Ok, I need to be quiet now... I think that I have gotten the message across. My father is VERY VERY sick, and bottom line is, if he does not get a liver very soon, things don’t look good. He basically lives in ICU now... I am trying to deal with everything, and it is not easy at all... I have... distractions in my personal life, that I've been trying to deal with in the best possible way, I am afraid that I have failed, again... Almost 2000 people signed my petition so I ask, where are all these people??? THAT'S the type of support we need in this, every time they sit down, the D.A needs to be thinking about me, when he gets up, when he eats lunch, when he goes to sleep, I need to be on his mind...

I AM innocent, this is proven BEYOND a doubt, so what's going to be done about it?? What are YOU going to do about it??? Please work with Ken and Steph and DEMAND that something be done.

Hear my cry......................God Bless.....................

Michael Perry

Read Michael's Inconsistent Prosecution

Read Michael's Schlup Claim Draft

April 14, 2010

Ok, soooo it’s been way to long since I have given another update, sue me ;) wait, no, don’t do that because you won’t get anything. My money gets stolen too often for me to have any! Anywho…I’ve gotten another year older, yeah, yeah, that’s right, I’m getting closer to the big 3-0…but not yet. I turned 28 on the 9th of April PLLEEEAAASSSE, NOOOO birthday cards. I can’t stand cards as it is. You would understand if you were in here. Trust me, this year my birthday was much better than last year. Last year I got in trouble for having “hooch” or homemade wine. This year, thanks to everyone’s’ friend Ken, I got a typewriter! They have not been selling them for a long time, and as is obvious, I may not necessarily have a lot of time to sit around and wait for them to decide to sell them again. So Ken kept calling up the prison until he got a hold of Major Smith (thank you Major!) and he got me a “loaner “typewriter to use until they either start selling them again or July 1st. So thank you Ken!!! Besides that, the guys cooked tacos for me and we just joked around all day. I did not get a visit, that made me sad, but it is what it is.

My father is VERY, VERY sick and has to have a new liver so I would greatly appreciate it if everyone could add my father to their prayers as well as my mother, who is going through a lot having to deal with my situation and my father’s. BUT my Mom’s nickname is “Mighty Mouse” for a reason!!! ;-) My father went into ICU for about a week and from what I was told, he basically had given up but God is good and pulled my father through. He is better now, or at least the last time I heard, he was. Again please keep my father and mother in your prayers.

Ok, well, legal stuff…My legal stuff is going good, thanks to the amazing work of Ken, again, who is like a pit bull. Once he gets a hold of something, he won’t let go and he has really been on top of things for me. Thank you Bro! Also, a BIG, BIG thanks to Tina Church, better known as the Angel of Death Row because of how many people she has helped. Probably one of, if not, the best investigator in America as well as one of the nicest persons I have ever met. She insists on me calling her “Mama T” J and always makes a point to keep me updated, which is extremely rare. She takes A LOT off my mother’s shoulders so she can focus on my father while Mama T takes care of my legal stuff. God was really on to something when he blessed the world with you. Thank you for being you!!! I would be out of my mind not to include a rare species of man in my thanks, Richard Ellis, a lawyer who has decided to help me and my legal team. He and Mama T are two of a kind. Mr. Ellis is one of the top, if not the top, death penalty lawyers in America. What’s his secret, you may ask? Well, it may shock you…unlike most lawyers; he actually gives a damn about his clients and not his income! Yes, I know, I, at first, thought he may very well be some sort of alien but I’ve met him face to face and trust me, he is anything but. He kind of reminded me of Mr. Rogers J …or a college professor. This is a man who, if he wanted to, could make a lot of money doing what he does, but instead, he REFUSES to accept money. He has a rule, and that is only accepts cases appointed or pro bono (free of charge). For those of you who understand what I mean, I’m sure you’re as impressed as I am. Pretty much everyone that I know of, that he helps here on death row, has good things happening around their cases. God is definitely making a statement by sending me people such as Mama T and Mr. Ellis to watch my back. Thanks to these two, we also have a forensic pathologist on my team now who is reviewing some stuff that potentially can set me free. Another gift from God, for this man is also helping me because he cares and because he believes he can help.

I also want to take the time to thank someone that I have not spoken to or about in a long, long time…too long. I want to thank Emily for all that she did for me when she was still a part of my life. I took for granted a lot of the sacrifices she made and how valuable some of her insights/efforts really were. Recently, I had several copies of a draft that she wrote up on a particular issue that I don’t want to name at the moment because we are still working on it. Anyway, apparently this brief that she wrote is VERY good because the lawyers I sent it to were very impressed, Mr. Ellis being one of them, and we are using it as one of the main issues of a successor writ we are going to file. I went back and read what Emily wrote and even researched some of the cases she had used to support the issue, and I am ashamed of myself for not doing so a long time ago. Not only is the brief amazing, but one of the main cases used to support the brief in a Texas case decided by MY federal judge, Judge Hittner. Meaning basically he has already ruled in favor of the defendant once on this issue and very well may have done the same for me. Anyway, thank you very, very much for the work that you did and the many sacrifices. I hate that things turned out the way they did.

Right now, the main thing is to continue to raise funds. We are close, if not already at, the amount we need to retain my false confession expert. We are just trying to collect it all from everyone and then, hopefully, we can get him started. BUT, this is just the retainer fee; he will charge more once he has to fly to Texas and testify so we must continue to raise the needed funds to make this possible. Also, WHEN I’m granted a new trial, I will need a trial lawyer with a lot of experience (of winning) and that will be very expensive. A trial lawyer and an appeal lawyer are two different kinds of attorneys so my current lawyers will not be able to represent me at trial.

Thank you so, so, so, so much Marco, my brother in Christ from Italy. If you have not yet met Marco, TRUST ME, you are missing out! Marco is one of the nicest young men I have ever met in my life! He is a strong Christian and has been my main financial supporter for a long time now. He is also a Samurai!!! J I’m serious! So Marco, brother, know that you are in my prayers and that me and my family are forever grateful to you as well as Fria Fabio and the Paul Rougeau committee. Darren or “Dazza”; thank you, my friend, for all of your donations over the years. You and Mrs. Shelly are really wonderful people. Darren is one of the most creative people I have ever met. To everyone who has donated, thank you so very much. EVERY PENNY is needed unfortunately. For all of you that are donating or wish to donate in the future, there is a new person handling my money, my mother is now in charge of all that. The PayPal address is posted on all my sites and here too!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask those who run my sites (Christina, Ken, etc…) Oh, and how could I forget; Chris, thank you for the many, many years you have put up with me and my bi-polar bullshit! J You have put up with more than most. I hope that everything is going well with you…you know what I mean ;)

Well folks there is around 78 days left…I can’t do it without you guys. Each and every one of you is part of my family and I love all of you. I hope we are able to raise the needed amount and once and for all, prove my innocence! We now have an amazing legal team helping us so there are no excuses. If Richard Ellis, Mandy Welch, Vinson & Elkins (Jessica Mederson, David Blanke….Thank you!) and Tina Church can’t do it, NO ONE can. Keep thinking positive and keep praying. It’s NEVER over no matter how bad things look. I’m doing great but I’m more worried about my father than I am about myself. I have always been confident on the final outcome.

To the families of the victims in this horrible situation: I want to reach out to you and ask that you allow me to speak with you. You are allowed to set up a phone call or a visit with me. I want to give you a chance to tell me anything you want but I also wish to be able to tell my side of the story without the D.A and the police whispering in your ear. I’m sure you will see a VERY different picture. I can even provide proof; police reports etc that I’m quite sure they didn’t share with you. I really want this opportunity. I don’t want you, or anyone to think that I did or could have taken the lives of your loved ones.

Head High, Eyes Towards the Sky

I Remain


“In the end, we will remember, not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Read Michael's affidavit

January 2010

Sad news: The TDCJ has set Michael and execution date for July 1. As you can all imagine he is not feeling his very best, but he refuses to let himself be grinded down by the bad news. He has not given up his fight for justice yet!
Here's what you can do help: Get or stay in touch with him to show your support!

October 2009

Michael would like all of his supporters to read the following Houston Chronicle article on the execution of Cameron Todd Willingham, an innocent man.

September 2009

JPay now has a service which allows you to e-mail Michael. Your e-mail will be printed out and given to him. Of course he does not have access to the internet, so he will reply via snail mail. Check out the following link to find out more about the inmate e-mail service, creating an account, buying stamps and getting started.

September 2008

To all of my loyal supporters, friends and family, and to all my soon to be friends

You can now visit my Facebook Group

June 2007

Associated Content Interview with Chris Schmitz about Michael Perry
Read the interview

May 2007

Translation of the interview with Michael that appeared in the May 2007 edition of the Dutch monthly magazine ParaVisie

Sentenced to death Michael Perry tells his story. "If I can laugh, you can too!"

Ever since the recent hanging of Saddam Hussain the controversy over the death penalty has found its way back into the public mind. Most commentators pronounced their disgust at the barbarity with which the execution was carried out. Yet the death penalty is still implemented in so-called civilized countries, with execution procedures going horribly wrong at times.
In the United States more than 1,000 people were killed by the state between 1973 and 2005. At present Michael Perry (25) is one of those convicts who are currently awaiting execution. In an interview with ParaVisie he talked about his feelings and spiritual beliefs that are on his mind every day under these extreme circumstances.

Michael Perry did not have an easy life. When he was two days old he was given up for adoption by his biological mother. When he was 7 he was put on Prozac and Ritalin due to "behavioral disorder". After that he went from one psychiatric clinic to the next. At 18, after turning his back on the last of those institutions, he became a street urchin. On the streets, he met the wrong kind of people and got in touch with drugs.
On October 30, 2001 he and a friend were arrested for the murder of Sandra Stotler. The two friends allegedly shot her in order to steal her car. Michael denied the deed but the judge considered him guilty anyway. By now several pleas for clemency from his side have been turned down and the implementation of his death sentence seems to be a mere matter of months.
On Michael Perry's website there is a detailed analysis of the evidence against him as well as an online petition demanding a new trial for him.

Q: Do you sometimes think about life after death?
Ah, I see you're going to ask me some tough questions. That's very good, because in order to get to know yourself, you have to search for the answers within yourself and think about this kind of things. Do I think about life after death? Yes and no. Often I lie awake at times trying to imagine what heaven might look like. Can you imagine this: a place where everything is perfect? But at the same time I don't believe that man is predestined to find answers to questions like this one while he walks the earth.
Q: Has your experience made you bitter?
As I don't know the answer to all the questions I can't and don't want to be bitter. Thus I cannot judge, this is god's prerogative. Imagine me thinking that the judge who sentenced me to death did so, knowing that I was actually innocent. Then further imagine that in thinking the judge knowingly passed false judgment I was wrong, in that case I would be sitting here bitter without a reason.
Of course there are those "bad" people who physically abused me during my interrogation in order to make me say the things they wanted to hear. But bitterness and anger are not a solution. My aim is to open people's eyes to the true nature of the system that puts innocent people on death row, so it never happens to others ever again. Of course I sometimes struggle hard to suppress negative emotions, especially due to the fact that I am bi-polar. However, in concentrating on myself and focusing on the present and the future, I keep myself from becoming bitter.
I believe Jesus was tortured in an unimaginably cruel manner before he was nailed to the cross and still he showed forgiveness, so why should I remain bitter? Do I feel downcast? Yes! Do I feel distraught? Definitely! Do I feel frustrated at times? You bet! But bitter and angry? No! Do I hate? Never!
Q: Has this experience changed you as a human being?
Well, it has definitely been an eye-opener! I admit that negative emotions collapsed over me like a flood wave, when I was led into this cell after my conviction. I slowly realized that this is no bad dream but reality at its toughest; that this place is going to be my home until they execute me. I found that I did not belong in this environment among murderers and rapists. I lost trust in humanity, because those people who should have protected me – the police, the judges – had done me an injustice. Who was I still to trust?
After six months I met a young Puerto Rican man in prison who changed my mindset completely. He taught me about self-knowledge and the power of laughing. I now believe in the positive impact I can have on others.
Q: How do you manage to maintain your hope for a positive outcome?
As a Christian I per definition believe in a positive outcome as my place in paradise will be reserved for me after death. But if you're talking about my present life here on earth, which I'm sure you do, I have to say that I summon strength from my belief in a higher aim. I think that my fate will open people's eyes and this way I can be of use to others while I am waiting in this cell. If my execution is to be carried out, it will change more than one life anyway, thus my life has not been in vain. This thought gives strength to me. Should I ever be free I hope to work with children in need and their families. I would like my life experience to be a source of inspiration to those people.
Q: Has your conviction gained you anything positive?
This experience has surely also brought positive things for me. I'm thinking about the way my relationship with my family has changed for the better. We now talk to each other and can forgive each other for mistakes we made in the past. I met my biological mother and although she has never been an actual part of my life, I am grateful for meeting her. Alongside with my increased faith in god, I also was given the opportunity to share my experience with others, thus giving them strength and comfort. Sometimes I even feel like I'm a therapist!
Q: If you were given freedom today, how would your life differ from your life before imprisonment?
Well, I think it would be completely different. My whole view on life has changed for the better since my conviction. I would summon more strength from my belief and my interaction with other people rather than messing with drugs or mingling with false friends and random females. I would tell my parents more often that I love them and let my words be followed by my deeds.
But first of all I would smile more often. A smile is one of the most powerful things in the entire universe. It is a great gesture that can change the world. Let it be your aim to make five people smile or laugh today and you will fulfill your part in what I refer to as the "Higher Law of Love". Make ten people smile or laugh tomorrow and make everyone happy that comes your way. Maybe you'll save a life or you'll prevent negativity. How difficult is it to smile and thus spread the love you feel inside of you? And the good thing is: happiness generates happiness. By simple means like these we can create heaven on earth. I am sitting here on death row, among men that are referred to as monsters, and it works for me.
If I can laugh in here, you can laugh out there!

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Since 1976 (the year of the reinstatement of the death penalty) 1,221 people have been executed in the U.S. Texas alone has executed 462 people.

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